by Ron Clarkson

The Source of Self-Esteem
Ron Clarkson
September 9, 1990

Welcome: Welcome to our first Sunday of our third year. Also welcome to the 1st Sunday of our series on Self Esteem entitled the Seeds of Significance. For the next 4 weeks we are going to look at Producers of inferiority, Fortifying our Esteem and building esteem into others. This morning we are going to look at the Source of Self Esteem. Let's pray. Prayer: Father, I thank you for each person that has come out this morning. I pray they will see you in a new and a fresh way as we look at your Word for our life today. As we investigate the area of self esteem Father, I pray we will see how important aim relevant you are to our lives today. May you give us grace as we excavate some areas in our life, as we look at our lives with openness, with honesty. Will you reinforce in our hearts and minds the true significance we have as individuals and how precious we are to you, our designer. Give us a spirit of expectancy - that you have our best in mind because of your great love for us. Amen. Intro: You are the product of 23 chromosomes from your mother and 23 chromosomes from your father. Geneticists say that the odds of your parents having another child like you are one in 10 to the 2 billionth power. My parents say, "thank you Lord." I have 5 children and each of them have a combination of attributes that will never be duplicated. They are not just little carbon copies of their wonderful, loving, model parents. They are all wired differently.

Now consider yourself. You are a walking miracle. Of all the people that have ever lived, from Adam on, no one has ever had your combination of looks, of talents, of personality, t a, or preferences. Your fingerprints are unique, your conglomeration body style, hair color (whatever it happens to be now), your eyes, sense of humor in all unique.

There is no one who loves the way you do or no one who is loved by the same combination of people. You are an unpreced ...

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