by Ron Clarkson

God's Articles of Incorporation
It's Good Business to Know God
Ron Clarkson
February 10, 1991

Intro.: Some of the most precious moments with our kids are when we put them down at night. Particularly with the ? and 3 year old. You lay down with them, sing with them, tell them stories, say prayers with them and there is a specialness present. Then, on the other hand, some of the most horrendous moments and hair pulling, stress accumulating experiences come when you are trying to put the babies down. It is like a tag team all star wrestling match. I came home after prime time last Wednesday night and my wife was collapsed on the bed having gone the first few rounds with the kids. She said, "Your babies are waiting for you to put them down." 3 glasses of water, one trip to the bathroom and two back tickles later I was going out the door and Devon said, Daddy, will you turn the closet light on? I usually don't because that only exposes a dozen more excuses for not going to sleep, but I acquiesced. I turned on the light in the closet, but pulled the bi-fold doors closed so there was only a few rays of light coming thru the cracks. She wasn't about to let me get away with that. She said, "Daddy the light. I said, It's on, Devon." She said, but Daddy I can't see the light with the door closed." Now she could see a few rays, but what she was telling me was that the light, with the closet doors closed, was not really serving it's purpose. Even a 3 year old knows that light is supposed to pierce the darkness. Even a 3 year old knows that for a light to really functioning the way it is supposed the closet doors need to be open, wide open, and it would be even better if you just turned on the ceiling light. But don't put the light on in the closet and then shut the doors. You restrict the power and the purpose of the light, it can't replace the darkness that is in the room. It seems so obvious, even a 3 year old understands this even if she can't articulate it.

For som ...

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