by Ron Clarkson

Living with Success
It's Good Business to Know God
Ron Clarkson
February 3, 1991

Joke: A successful father was talking with son one day and was frustrated with him. He said, "Son, don't you want to be a success in life like me?" The son said, "Well, I don't know dad. You were raised in the country and worked and scrapped so you could leave the country and move to the city. Then you slaved to own a house in the city. Then you killed yourself so you could own this house in the country! I think I'm better off staying her than killing myself making that round trip.

In a funny sort of way that story shows the dichotomy of labor. Work is something that is good, God given for our benefit and He warns us not to be lazy and slothful. Yet, the work ethic for many has become a runaway train. It has become the alter that many have sacrificed their marriage, their family, their ministry, their ethics and integrity, and with all of these comes the sacrifice of true happiness, true contentment and fulfillment in life.

Transition: For some people their profession has become an Obsession.

Point 1: Make sure my profession doesn't become an obsession

This morning I want to look at God's insight into our job situation and the success that it brings. I want to look at how to "live with success" in today's world.

This past week on the evening news I saw the sale of the "Taj Mahal, not the one in India, but the casino built by Donald Trump now in bankruptcy.

All of these individuals had achieved success at one point or another in their life. But it is yet to be determined whether or not they can live with the success that has come their way. And it is very obvious for some of them that the success they experienced came at an excruciating cost - they paid a mighty price for success in their life.

Transition: The words of Jesus Christ reveal an unmatched understanding of this combination of economics and human values. How can we help but be in awe of his wisdo ...

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