by Ron Clarkson

It's Good Business to Know God
Take This Job and Love It
Ron Clarkson

Intro: In the past few weeks I've had conversations with several people regarding their job situation. I talked to a school principal who told me that he is enjoying his job more and more each day. I talked to a pastor who practically exploded when he was sharing how much he loved the job he was doing. The other night I talked with an investment banker who told me he has never enjoyed his job more than he is right now and I talked to a homemaker who told me she felt lucky, because even amidst the diapers and the runny noses, she was doing what she wanted to do, she was enjoying her job. And with each of these individuals, they admitted some frustration, but when I asked them about their job satisfaction, their response came in positive, affirming tones. And with their response came that look into their eye, that look of confidence and satisfaction.

And as I talked with them they admitted how their job satisfaction poured over into other areas of their life. The sense of being satisfied with their job effected their demeanor and attitude in a positive way. Many of you here know that same feeling, whether your a teacher, carpenter, mechanic, a realtor or a secretary. You have a sense of job satisfaction that gives you a good feeling of fulfillment and purpose that flows into and effects other areas of your life.

But, if we are a normal crowd, which I think is a safe assumption, if we are an average cross section of the American population chances are that anywhere from 50% of us to 80% of us hate to get out of bed and go to our job on Monday mornings. We are people doing many of the same jobs I just mentioned, yet we find minimal, if any, satisfaction from our job. And as we might surmise, that job dissatisfaction flows into other areas of our life with serious, though sometimes undetectable, ramifications. Transition: How can we find job satisfaction? What are the factors that will he ...

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