by Ron Clarkson

It's Good Business to Know God
The 'Perks' of the Job
Ron Clarkson

Prayer: Father, on this day we focus on the sanctity of life, on it's preciousness. We know that every life is a gift from you. I pray that you will touch each of us deeply with that truth and stir our souls accordingly.

Father, I also want to take a moment to say a prayer for those here this morning who have gone thru the suffering and pain of an abortion. I thank you that your love for them has never diminished, that your forgiveness is never conditional and that your grace to them is inexhaustible.

May they, along with all of us recognize you are a God of a second chance and we can know that you have great plans for our life, regardless of bad choices we have made in our life - whatever they are. Thank you for your love, Father.

Father I also pray for this morning's message. I pray that you will communicate your message clearly to us. As we look at the subject of our lives and how they relate to the market place I pray that you will meet each one of us at the point of our need. For some of us here this morning are struggling because we are out of a job and this subject may bother us. Will you open our hearts to learn what we can and along with that give us the encouragement from your spirit that we need for our life.

I pray that you teach us this morning Father about the value that you want us to see in our jobs and when we leave here this morning may our lives be changed for the better, according to your plan. Amen.

Open: We have all probably seen the commercial showing the two young executives just getting off work. With their 5 o'clock shadows, loosened neck ties and suit coat thrown over their shoulder they get on the elevator. As the door closes they notice a travel agency advertising poster hanging on the elevator wall. The picture shows a tropical paradise with blue skies, palm lined beaches, beautiful waterfalls and of course plenty of barely clad women. Th ...

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