by Ron Clarkson

Please Pass the Values
Ron Clarkson
Father's Day 1994

TGIF- Thank goodness it's Father's day! What happens on father's day that doesn't happen any other time of the year? (Take audience suggestions - for me, I get sugar smacks an corn pops in bed!)

I guess it makes up for those other days of the year, those tough days like when: Illus: Several weeks ago our family was in our car pulling out of the driveway and out of the blue Jordan said, "Dad, when are you going to get a job?" I put the car in park, looked at him and said, "Jordy, I have a job." He said, "I mean a real job, Dad. Your just a 'pasture'." I had a hard time convincing him I ha a real job. I thought I was going to have to show him my W2 form or 1099 to get him to believe me.

Do you know what a great Dad is? He might be a lot of things, but he has to be:


How many of us here have heard the same old story about how far our parents had to walk to school? Kind of shoots the credibility doesn't it! Isn't scary when we start using the same line of argument on our kids? Except our story goes, "yea, I remember when I was a kid, I had to get off the couch to change the channel."

If there is a noticeable strength that I saw in my dad growing up, it was that he was trustworthy. He always prefaced his remarks with, "I'm not making any promises, but" and it kind of became a joke around our house. But I have grown to understand why he always used that disclaimer. His word meant everything. And we knew that when dad said something, he meant it. Now many times that scared us to death, but we knew he was a man of his word, he wouldn't lie to us, we could count on him!

Joke: Stork: p. 203 #12 S.l.

Read Proverbs 3, 4, 5:1-2

That's the kind of confidence I want to have when I speak to my children, that what I tell them will guide them, protect them, give them a jump start and help them get through life.

Being trustworthy means keeping your promise to play ball with them. Ke ...

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