by Ron Clarkson

Opposites: Attack or Attract
Building Relationships that Last
Ron Clarkson
June 12, 1994

Opening Illus: Transformers Boy, they never had toys like this when I was growing up! 1. Twist head backwards 2. dislocate any joint 3. Turn into efficient machine When kids have the ability to take their transformers and make them anything they want to be, or dress up Barbie and Ken any way they want, it makes for an ideal play time. things go relatively smooth, virtually no conflict. They don't have to deal with dissenting opinions, differing points of view or personality quirks. Just simply twist the head, ring it's neck and it becomes something new!

I'll bet there are quite a few of us who would jump at the chance to do that to some people we know. We'd like to custom design a boss, friend, work associate, spouse, a child! We'd love to have a sharp little toy that we can bend and twist in any direction we want and they will never break and be exactly what we want them to be.

Have you ever noticed that there is an incredible shortage of acceptable people out there? There are some real abnormal, maladjusted mutants running around in this world and God expects me to accept them? I'd have no problem accepting them or understanding them if they were normal like me. But thy are so strange. And besides, if I accept them and understand them in the midst of their "abnormal behavior" then they may never change and learn to be normal like me!

We may never say these things out loud, but there is not a person here this morning who hasn't thought those same thoughts at some time.

Some of us are unconsciously twisting, turning and bending people - or we are trying to clothe them with a personality and temperament that we find suitable or deem appropriate. We are trying to make them exactly what we want them to be instead of learning to appreciate them, instead of learning to celebrate the uniqueness of ho God wanted and designed them to be.

And some of us here this mo ...

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