by Ron Clarkson

Runnin' on Empty (OR Better, Runnin' on the Rims)
Ron Clarkson
May 29, 1994

We've all had that familiar experience - we are driving down the highway and we hear a strange rumbling noise. We roll down our window to try and figure out the noise. We try to steer to the side of the road and we try to put on the brakes and we notice great difficulty in the steering and handling. By now we think we know what the problem is, but we get out of our car just to make sure, and sure enough we have a flat. We look at it and for a moment we are wondering if maybe, just maybe we can get to the service station on that tire.

But what if all four tires were flat? How far would we get? We need four good tires, four tires that will sustain the weight of our car, to get us from point A to point B. This morning I want to look at our relationships.

In order to build relationships that last, we need to have 4 good tires, four tires that have tread on them, four tires that are properly inflated.

If you check these four tires, if you properly inflate them and if you maintain them, you will be guaranteed a better ride in life, guaranteed your relationships will go the distance. Now men, I've used an analogy this morning that you can understand because it is men who have the greatest difficulty when it comes to maintaining relationships. Women are much better at understanding what is necessary for a relationship to grow. But women have a problem. They think that men lie in bed at night just thinking up ways to strain a relationship. It's not true, we are just gifted at it - it comes natural to us.

Both men- and- women-, though, come in to a relationship with a certain degree of blindness. It doesn't matter if it's marriage, dating, roommates or work associates. That young women you started dating because she was so vivacious, loved people, was carefree and independent has become that irresponsible, undisciplined airhead. And that guy you started seeing because he was so tog ...

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