by Ron Clarkson

It's Your Choice!
Making our Life Count
Ron Clarkson

Life is composed of choices. Some choices are easy, some complex. Some are right, some are wrong. Some are better, some are best. Some are a win , win choice and others are the lesser of two evils. You have been created by God and allowed by God to have a freedom of choice. And the choices you make determine your future.

Illus: Lyle Alzado story: The sports magazines, newspapers and television have revealed a famous former NFL player who is regretting some devastating choices he made early in his career. Lyle Alzado, former All Pro linebacker for Broncos, Browns and Raiders, formerly 300 pounds of solid muscle is now awaiting his day of death from a brain tumor he attributes to his massive use of illegal anabolic steroids and injection of human growth hormones. Though there is no proof the steroids caused his tumor, Alzado still regrets his choice. The steroids not only took their toll on him phsically, but emotionally and personally they nearly crippled him. He could only see the power, pleasure and popularity he might gain from their use.

Lyle Alzado failed to deal with, or make the right choices concerning 4 key issues in his life. Each one of us here will eventually have to deal with and settle these 4 issues.

1. identity: Who am I? 2. Responsibility: What am I going to do with my life? 3. Priority: What is really the most important thing in life? 4. commitment: What price am I willing to pay?

Transition: This morning I want to look at a biographical sketch of someone who settles these 4 key issues in his life. I want to look at the life of Moses - an amazing person. He received the 10 commandments from God, parted the Red Sea to lead the children of Israel out of slavery. He wrote the first 5 books of the Bible, God uses him in many miracles, and made Cecil B. DeMilles famous. Moses was faced with difficult choices in his life and during his life he settled the 4 issues in his life that ea ...

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