by Ron Clarkson

Believe the Best in People: Joseph
Ron Clarkson
Matthew 1:18

Everybody needs someone to believe in them. Especially when you're going through the wringer of life. Everybody needs someone to believe in them when they are facing difficult situations. Think about what it does for you when you know someone believes in you - the encouragement, the security, the self confidence.

Today we are looking at the story of Joseph. We are going to see how strongly he believed in his fiancée, Mary. I want to look at the security and confidence that Mary received because the man in her life really believed in her during her most difficult situation in her young life.

Read Luke 13:53-55

The people couldn't believe what was happening in the life of Jesus, ''Who in the world is this guy? Is this the carpenter's son?'' The people were amazed at Jesus and yet they were confounded that such an amazing person would come from an ordinary family. As we look at the life of Jesus, we see nearly love…in his life was borrowed. He had to borrow a manger to be born in. He had to mooch lunch off a little boy. Near the close of his ministry he had to borrow a donkey to ride on. At his death he had to borrow a tomb. His whole life he was borrowing things. And at his birth he had to borrow something else. He had to borrow a dad. The heavenly father sent his son Jesus and said, ''He's going to need a dad here on earth - and I think I'll pick Joseph.''

Read Matthew 1:18

Uh, oh! We got trouble! Mary's pregnant and Joseph knows it. He also knows he had nothing to do with it. And Mary being pregnant presents some big time trouble, especially in the Hebrew culture. The Hebrew marriage customs: there were basically 3 stages to marriage. 1. engagement 2. betrothal 3. Marriage

Stage I was the engagement period. This wasn't anything romantic by any means. It was simply the step where the parents arranged a contract between themselves - they would negotiate and attempt to match their ch ...

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