by Ron Clarkson

Unmasking the Mission
Ron Clarkson

OPENING JOKE: There was a young man who wanted more than a job, he wanted an experience, so he joined the army. The army placed him immediately in the Paratrooper division. They took this man up to 15,000 ft., put a parachute on him and told him to jump. He said, "what am I supposed to do after I jump?" First, pull this chord, if that doesn't work then pull this second chord, it is a reserve chord. Then we will have a truck pick you up when you land at the bottom. Well, the young man jumped, he pulled the first chord and nothing happened. He pulled the second chord and nothing happened, and he was heard to have said, "yea, and I bet there won't be a truck to pick me up either!"

Many of us have been burnt by "religion", by some church or by some people who have called themselves "Christians." We have pulled our first chord and our reserve chord and now your expecting me to listen to you about the person of Jesus Christ? You are asking me to give up my Sunday mornings, to trust my decisions and trust my life to some "Superstar" that lived 2000 years ago?

The Jesus who always walked around with that weird glare in his eyes. Did you ever notice how all the movies of Jesus portray him as a man who walks around with this glare, staring off into space, like the lights are on, but nobody is really home. The problem with movies is that they don't, usually tell us the whole story.

Transition: What I want to do this morning is to "unmask" the mission that Jesus was on. We are going to look at 4 aspects of Christ's. The What? The How? The When? The So What? First, the what?

Read John 10:10

Jesus promises AN ABUNDANT LIFE

1. Would you agree that most people you know that are going to church look like they are enjoying an abundant life? Some yes, many no! Why is it that some people who "have religion" look like they've just had a barium. There is a look of drudgery, no joy, no excitement? Why? Because they have distor ...

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