by Ron Clarkson

Animosity Anonymous
Ron Clarkson

Joke: There was a pastor who was upset that several of the folks in his church had been absent, so he had his secretary send them a letter regarding their absenteeism. The pastor was surprised to get a return letter from a prominent Doctor with a note of apology and $1,000 check. There was a p.s. at the bottom of the note that said, By the way pastor, stupid only has one "p" and there is no "c" in jerk.

Well, it's a good thing this pastor doesn't struggle with anger in his life. Well, if the truth were known, and my wife will let it be, if there is one area I have really struggled in in my life, it is anger. I think I am making great strides in this area and that's why I'm anxious to share with you this morning. But I've realized that I' not alone. Its an area that my brothers, my father and his family struggle with, it seems to run in our family. I've also had the opportunity to sit with men who place their face in their hands and shake their head in disbelief. They can't believe how they just exploded at their wife, how they just ripped their kids. How could they get so out of control? How could they reach the boiling point so fast and storm through their house or office like Mt. St. Helens?

And the feelings of hurt, of shame, of failure that follow those times are like an ice pick in the heart. What is wrong with me? How could I be such a jerk? Why do I get so angry? I must be a rotten person, I'm worthless because anger is wrong, it is bad, it is evil and it seems to have a stranglehold on my life.

Is anger wrong? Is it bad? It must be, look at what devastation it brings to the relationships at home, at the office, at the workplace. What is this animal called anger? Before we engage in three weeks of dealing with the danger of anger, we need to understand some rudimentary truth regarding anger, regarding the nature of man and regarding our God in heaven. when God created humanity, Scripture teaches us tha ...

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