by Ron Clarkson

When the Bough Breaks
Modern Plagues
Ron Clarkson
March 4, 1990

Welcome: Welcome to OCC this morning as we discuss the modern plague and of child abuse. Join us next week as we begin a new series on the Incredible Life of Christ. I'm really looking forward to this series and I would encourage you to ask a friend, neighbor or working associate to join you. Prayer: Father, this morning we have come here to learn about you, learn about your truth and how we can really use that truth for out life. As we think about discussing child abuse each of us may respond in a different way. Some of us will be frustrated because we see how the evil one has effected your world and your design for life. Others Father will feel anger, because they have been victims of one sort of abuse or another. Others are currently dealing with the hurts, wondering if they will ever be healed. And chances are Father that some are uneasy here this morning, because they know this is a problem area they struggle with. Will you, in a way only you can Father, meet each person here at the point of his or her need. You speak to us, you teach us, and you, give us hope for a healthy, abundant, purposeful life centered on you and your truth. Amen

Illus: A couple of weeks ago I was talking to a family after one of the services and their cute little daughter came up to me and I lightly tweaked her nose and said "hi sweetie, and immediately, a stream of blood poured down her nose. I went looking for some paper towels and then I went looking for a roce to crawl under. I could just see it in the paper, "Pastor offers hope, encouragement, bloody noses and cotton swabs on Sunday." I had about gotten over the embarrassment of that event when this little girl walked up to me last week, in front of her parents and others and said, "my nose bled for k an hour." Talk about the guilt? Unfortunately, when we are dealing with the plague of child abuse, the damage is much more severe than a tweaked nose, and th ...

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