by Ron Clarkson

We Can Make a Difference
Modern Plagues
Ron Clarkson
February 25, 1990

Thank you for joining us this morning for our "Just Say No Sunday" here at Oakdale Community Church. I would like to thank Lauren Stalnaker for his excellent job this morning and for his example. This is a guy who has seen a problem, become informed and then made a commitment to do something about it.

Many times this last week in preparation for this morning the same well used story kept running thru my mind. It is the story of the young man who returned home after graduating from college and his father asked him, "Well son, what do you think the greatest problem in America is? Is it ignorance or apathy? The son replied, "I don't know and I don't really care."

We all are aware of the modern plague that has infected our country. Maybe you have made the dangerous decision to not worry about it because it doesn't directly affect you, or your kids would never do something like that. Or maybe you have fallen into the Mike Tyson syndrome. This problem is so big, so overwhelming that there is really nothing I can do about it. After all that's why I pay taxes.

Well, we are all going to act like Buster Douglass. There is hope in bringing down Goliath and this morning we are going to look at three possibilities that offer us hope in the fight against substance abuse.

Prayer: Father, we want to start this morning by committing this message to you. I can stand up here and quote statistics and tell stories, but we would walk away from here probably no different than when we came. I want to ask you to use the message to encourage us and motivate us. Encourage us as we seek to impede and arrest this plague that has swept our country. Use this message to motivate us to do our part, that we would act out our responsibilities as citizens of a community, as members of a church, as followers of Jesus Christ, as individuals who are made in the image of God and are of immense value to you.

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