by Ron Clarkson

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A Life of Compassion (3 of 4)
The Incredible of Christ
Ron Clarkson
March 25, 1990

One of the most Incredible traits I see in the life of Christ is the compassion he showed to those who crossed his path. We looked at those scripture passages during the Scripture reading that showed us that Christ displayed compassion for various people with various needs, physical, emotional or spiritual. One of the reasons that God came to earth in the person of Jesus Christ was to set an example for us to follow. This morning I want to take a look at this incredible life of Christ and see what we can learn from his life and see how each one of us can grow in our compassion for others.

Prayer: Father, we thank you that you are a loving and compassionate God and that your son, Jesus Christ is an exact representation of that perfect love and that perfect compassion. Many of us are here this morning because there have been people who have reached out and touched our lives, they have shared the news about you, or they have told us about Oakdale, and they thought it would be beneficial for us to be here. We thank you Father for those who have been compassionate to us. Others of us here Father, we aren't really sure why we are here. Maybe we are looking for compassion for our own needs, looking for understanding. Looking for someone who thinks we really matter. Father, will you show all of us your compassion, will you show us how much we do matter to you. And Father, may we be able to reach out to others and share that life of compassion we see in Christ, may we share it with others. In Christ's name.

A little over a month ago on a snowy, blizzarding night, my wife and I went out to visit someone. But on our way out to visit them we noticed my next-door neighbor was stuck in his driveway. I had an agenda. I wanted to get out, visit this friend and get back to our kids. But, since he was our neighbor, no problem. No sooner had I pushed him out, we jumped back in the van, d ...

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