by Ron Clarkson

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The Wonder Years (1 of 4)
The Incredible Life of Christ
Ron Clarkson
March 11, 1990

We are starting a new series this morning, "The Incredible Life Of Christ." Today and for the next several weeks we are going to look at the earthly life of the most significant person in history, that being the life of Jesus Christ. Before we begin our journey through the life of Christ, lets pray. Prayer: Father, this morning as we begin to look at the life of Jesus Christ, will you open our eyes in a new way. Some of us here had heard bits and pieces of the story, but we've never seen the pieces come together with meaning or purpose, they have been isolated or disconnected anecdotes. Others here this morning are familiar with the story, all too familiar Father. When we look at the life of Christ we just don't get excited, or it doesn't really impact us like it used to. Father, would you do something for each and every one of us here. Would you open our eyes and hearts this morning? Open them in a new way. Open them in a fresh way so we can see the life of Christ in a fresh way. A way that will move each of us. And when we leave, we will know that it has been worth our while, we will know we have experienced a genuine encounter with our loving God. Amen.

It's amazing what some people will buy and believe. In my preparation I ran into many stories that people have tried to "sell" regarding Jesus. He didn't head off to India to study under a guru nor was he whisked up into a spacecraft at age twelve and re-deposited on the earth at age thirty. I am excited about the things we are going to find out about the life of Christ. Many times we hear of Jesus at Christmas, crucify him on Good Friday and sometimes resurrect him on Easter - and that's about all we do with him. But as we look at the life of Christ, we can see how significant his life was to his purpose for arriving on earth, and we can see how significant his life is for each of us on a daily basis.

This morning ...

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