by Ron Clarkson

The Producer of Deception
Dynamic Deception
Ron Clarkson
June 10, 1990

Prayer: Father, we come here this morning with a desire to find out more about you. Some of us are seeking, wondering if you are real, if you are relevant, if you are truth. Others of us here may be at different stages along our journey with you and we want to grow in our relationship with you. Today Father we have an opportunity to see you and understand you more clearly by examining a system that is diametrically opposed to all you are and all you stand for. May we throughout this difficult morning be able to see your love, your care and provision, your plan for our life.

Intro: Geraldo Rivera quote.

This past week I attended a seminar on 'Identification and Investigation of Ritualistic Criminal Activity.1 This seminar was sponsored by the Psychiatric services of Central DuPage Hospital that was put on for educators, therapists and law enforcement officers. Robert J. Simandl from the Chicago Police Force spent 8 hours relating cases, studies, pictures and interviews regarding ritualistic crime, i.e. crimes performed for Satanic ritual purposes. His opening comment echoed Geraldo Rivera's when he said "we must understand the belief system. I'm not asking you to believe it, but you must understand it."

The point of both men is to wake up society as to what is going on in the world of Satanism. This morning I have a delicate balance to strike as a communicator. By nature, I am not an alarmist, so I struggled in my attempt to not sensationalize the morning. There are those who see Satan around every corner and blame him for raining out a little league game. Yet, I am well aware of the fact that there are those here this morning who do not acknowledge the existence of an intelligent being named Satan or Lucifer, who is diabolically opposed to God and his plan. God's word tells us that we are in a war, that there is a spiritual battle raging. We cannot see the battle, but we often ...

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