by Ron Clarkson

The One-Minute Mom
Recharging Your Marriage
Ron Clarkson
May 13, 1990

Welcome: Welcome to OCC. I'd like to encourage you to join us Wednesday evening for our Family Forum, an important communique for the church. It's an opportunity for our leadership to share with you about future plans and to answer questions you may have regarding OCC. Also, next Sunday, if you men forgot to get your wife a present for mother's day, here is your perfects face saver, just offer her a romantic opportunity to renew your commitment to each other - guaranteed to work.

This morning we are going to talk about Mom, not talk about how she can be the feature story for Good Housekeeping, but to simply tell her thanks, thanks for doing all she does, thanks for being herself, and to encourage her in the job she is doing. Let's pray together to begin.

PRAYER: Father, we come here today to enjoy ourselves, to remember Mother, to say thanks to her in a special way. But first and foremost we are here to enjoy you. To think about, to praise and worship the Creator of this world, the creator of the human race, the creator of motherhood. And we thank you Father for the beautiful plan you have designed in mothers. Mothers, a significant part of a team to perform a holy task, the raising of children.

But Father, there are those here this morning who for one reason or another who do not have a partner, a teammate, to raise their children, there are single mothers and single fathers here this morning. I pray you will bless them in a special way. We pause right now in a special prayer for those single parents here and ask you to give them wisdom and strength in their task.

Father, I also want to take a moment to remember those women who you love, those women who are special to you, yet they are struggling with the problem of infertility. Together as a church we pause to remember them.(Pause) Will you wrap your arms around them, give them your special strength today. And for all mothe ...

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