by Ron Clarkson

The Positive Connection
Ron Clarkson
Recharging Your Marriage
May 6, 1990

WELCOME: Good morning, welcome to the third session in our series "Recharging Your Marriage". This morning we are going to look at the "Positive Connection" as we delve into the development and enjoyment of intimacy in marriage. Prayer: Father, there are some here this morning who have experienced deep relational intimacy with each other and are experiencing the joy you give from such a relationship.

Others here this morning have had our marriage shot down out of mid air and we have seen the intimacy in our marriage crash and burn. Others here this morning are riding the fence of mediocrity. Father, that's not the way you designed marriage but practically that is how its worked out in our life. I pray that your message will come thru loud and clear this morning to each of us at the point of our need. For those married, will they here your word on the importance of intimacy, for those no longer married or those who have not been married, will you use this message as a preparation for their life, for understanding your design for establishing a solid foundation should they choose some day to get married. You be our rock, our solid foundation, our teacher this morning. In Christ's name I ask, amen.

Illus.: Each night I tuck my kids in bed, and give them kisses and hugs, and there is something that goes on emotionally inside of me when I look at my daughters, lying there in bed, sometimes they've fallen asleep. And as I look at them I have dreaded, more than once, the thought of turning this beautiful little girl over into the hands of some post adolescent rookie. I feel like it would be giving a Rolls Royce to a drivers ed student. How could I do that to a daughter I love. I now understand the look in my father-in-laws eye when I asked him if I could marry his daughter. In my mind I see them driving away in a limo, about to embark on and excursion where k the people never return.

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