by Ron Clarkson

The Donkey Made the Difference
Ron Clarkson
Mark 21:7-9

Welcome: I would like to extend a special invitation to everyone here to join us this Friday for our Good Friday production of "Life With A Purpose." Bring your friends, family, relatives or neighbors with you as we explore the day Christ died. Also, a reminder that next week we will be having only one Easter Service, a family service together with the kids in the large auditorium next door. That one service will be at 11:00 a.m. This morning we begin our series "Easter Expectations" as we look at the first palm Sunday of history with a message entitled, "The Donkey Made The Difference." Let's begin with prayer.

Prayer: Father, as we are rapidly approaching Easter our thoughts are sometimes confused about what to expect. The Easter bunny, the sales, the eggs the candy, all of which are fun and enjoyable, but Father may they not distract our understanding and appreciation of the significance of this special season. Father, we sometimes get confused and we have varied expectations at Easter time. But we can find comfort in knowing that people in the 1st century had confusion of their own just prior to the first Easter. Even those who walked with Jesus Christ day after day for three years had certain expectations that were not realized.

Will you show us this morning, Father, thru the story of that 1st Palm Sunday, what the true meaning of Palm Sunday is? Will you help us understand it's significance as we view the events surrounding the triumphal entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem . . . riding on the back of a donkey.

Illus: Vacations! Don't you love the anticipation of vacations. We are already planning our vacation after Christmas this year back to California and it's exciting to think about what's in store. Last summer we took a vacation to the Ozarks. I have a friend who owns a resort down there and he called and suggested we come down and just relax for a week. He sent us a brochure with ...

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