by Ron Clarkson

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Understanding Myself, Appreciating Others
Ron Clarkson
November 12, 1989

Welcome: This morning we wrap up our series "I'm One of A Kind" with a look at trying to further understand the special temperament God has given me, but really focusing on those differences we need to recognize in our relationships with others, whether it be in our job, our marriage, a friendship or family. Let's ask God to help us appreciate those "strange and different" people we deal with daily. Prayer: Father, as we look at your creation, at nature, the seasons, the animal kingdom, and see the diversity, we really enjoy and appreciate the beauty and specialness with which you have created everything. There are times Father when we fail to appreciate and understand that same uniqueness and diversity you have placed in human beings. For some reason, whether it is the way we have been raised, the way we have been taught, or maybe just a real lack of sensitivity to others, we fail to accept differences and show the love and respect for others that we would desire and expect from others. Will you teach us from your word this morning. Sensitize our hearts and sharpen our minds as we further understand ourselves and appreciate others.

OPENING ILLUSTRATION: If I were to take a census of the number of Barbie and Ken dolls that we have in our basement, or if I were to count the G.I. Joe action dolls or the transformers that have passed thru our house, I would come up with a number that would come close to equalling the population of DuPage County. Scores and scores of these dress up dolls and toys that kids just love to play with for hours and hours.

It's interesting to watch my daughters play with their Barbies because they can dress those barbies in any fashion they desire, whatever they want Barbie and Ken to look like, they have the power to do it. They can even, if their brother isn't around, grab G.I. Joe, strip him of his khaki fatigues and heaven forbid dress him in one of Ken's ...

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