by Ron Clarkson

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Understanding Myself, Appreciating Others (Part 1)
Ron Clarkson
November 5, 1989

This morning we are going to have some fun looking at the way that God has created us and the way we behave and interact because of that. We are also going to look at the other types of personalities around us, those "abnormal" people that we interact with every day. Together lets ask God to help us see and understand ourselves and others.

PRAYER: Father, there are many different types of people here this morning who have come for various reasons. Some maybe out of habit or obligation, some out of curiosity, some out of a deep desire to know you and your plan for their life in a deeper way. Whatever the reason, Father, may each here this morning know when they leave what purpose you have for them in being here. You be the teacher, Father

ILLUS.: Four guys decide to go to a Cubs game, and like every body at Wrigley Field, they want to have a hot dog, coke, and a bag of peanuts. When they arrive at their seats with food in hand, they sit down and we observe their unique technique of junk food consumption.

MR. B. of course, was the first one to his seat, and his hot dog is half gone before he gets there. He's already finished his coke before he finished his peanuts, which he ate shell and all, so he climbs over everyone else on his way back out and rudely tells the vendor carrying a tray of 32 cokes to get out of the way because he is thirsty.

Mr. I. shows up and sits down with and starts talking to the 72 year old life time Cubbie fan sitting in front of him, of course with half his hot dog hanging out of his mouth. The hot dog that's left in the foil has 3 lbs. of catsup on it and its dripping all over the old guys ball cap. Mr. I realizes he left his coke sitting on the counter when he exchanged business cards (fortunately he had one in his back pants pocket that survived the spin cycle) with guy refilling the napkins at the condiment bar.

Then Mr. I opens his peanu ...

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