by Ron Clarkson

Appreciating My Uniqueness
Ron Clarkson
October 29, 1989

WELCOME: I'm One of A Kind, that's something I thank God for, my Parents thanked God for that also, but I'm not sure they had the same thing in mind. I am excited about this series for the next three weeks. We are going to have some fun, especially in the next two weeks as we look at the various personality styles and behaviors and attempt to understand ourselves and others better. This morning we want to take a look at someone pretty special, at least in God's eyes. Before we look at that person, as is our practice here at OCC, lets all pray together and ask the Father to really speak to us this morning, ask that his message to us, personally, will be made clear.

PRAYER: Father, I thank you that you are a God who communicates with us, your creation. Thank you for showing us that you are a God who performs great works, a God of Beauty and majesty, and when we sit back and look at what you have done Father, we simply marvel, we are in awe. As we look at your creation, particularly this beautiful autumn, we note the beauty, design, the wonder of all of it. But Father, we sometimes overlook your most awesome creation, the one in whom you instilled your image into.

The one you want to be intimately and personally related to. The one who means so much to you, and that is the person we see in- the mirror each day. Thank you for showing us that the way you have made us is so special. May we be able to see that. Amen.

JOKE: Bob Orben told about his spotting an advertisement that was selling microwave ovens for only $99 dollars. The ad read, "Hurry, at this price they won't last long." So he bought one and said, "they were right, it didn't last long."

The consumer axiom "you get what you pay for" reflects the principle that the quality or worth of a product is directly related to the price paid for that product. If we were to take a look at ourselves in the mirror and ask "What am I worth?", what woul ...

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