by Ron Clarkson

Out of Mind, Out of Sight
Ron Clarkson
August 20, 1989

WELCOME: We have been exploring together for the past few weeks different steps or components that were foundational, that are basically important to living life as if God matters. We have a extraordinary God who wants to have an intimate relationship with us and this week we are going to focus on how we can really deepen and hone that relationship. Let's pray together to our Father.

PRAYER: Father, all of us at times really wonder if you are out there, we sometimes wonder if we can really have a close friendship with you or if you even want to. We get so plowed under by the bulldozer of circumstance and catastrophe that we loose our direction, we loose our hope of ever coming out on top, of really experiencing a life that is more than the crunch. Father, we want a life that has meaning, one that has purpose. We don't want to just go thru the motions, get up every single day and go thru the same old thing. Father, you don't want us to have that kind of life either. That is why we are here this morning, Father, maybe to find out if you can make a difference in my life, if you really want to, or how you really can. Father, reach down this morning and touch each person here exactly where he or she needs it. Show us you are a God who can make as difference, who wants to make a difference whether its been 7 days, 7 weeks , 7 months or 7 years since we have been in church. May we realize this morning we are not just "in church." but we have come to learn how we matter to you and learn how to live as you matter to us. Amen.

JOKE: A man called a doctor and told the doctor he needed to come immediately to his house. His wife was in so much pain. The doctor arrived with his bag and heard the wife screaming. He told the husband, you stay right here and I'll go in, so he took his bag and went in the room and shut the door. The man could hear his wife screaming. The doctor came back out and said, do you have a sc ...

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