by Ron Clarkson

Keeping in Touch or Keeping in Tune?
Ron Clarkson
August 13, 1989

WELCOME: Thank you for making OCC part of your morning and our hope is that when you leave here this morning you will understand in a deeper way how the Father can help you and how you can help yourself "live life as if God really matters." This week we are focusing on our communication with God through the means of prayer. Let's begin with asking the Father to open our heart and mind this morning.

PRAYER: Father, when we think of all things we have and all the things you have provided, our hearts are moved towards gratitude and appreciation. We sometimes express our thanks to you, Father, but sometimes we become somewhat forgetful and complacent. At other times Father, when we are really in a pinch, we come to you to bail us out, and often if its your desire, you will come thru for us. But Father, turn our focus this morning toward the "day to day" life, and how you want to be a part of our day to day life. How you want us to communicate with you, to have an open line of communication with you each and every day. Father may we learn this morning that every person here can have that open line of communication with you which will help them to live life with gusto, to live life with purpose, to live as if you really matter. You be the teacher this morning, amen. JOKE: There was a little 4 year old boy who wanted a baby brother so badly. His mother was pregnant and his dad told him if he really wanted a brother so much, then he should pray for one. And he did, every night at bedtime-"God, give me a baby brother." Several months later, after praying faithfully, his mother went into the hospital to have the baby. The little boy went into the recovery room to see his mom and on her lap was not one, but two babies-twins, and they were both boys. The dad looked at his son and said, "now aren't you glad you prayed?" And he answered, "yea, but aren't you glad I stopped when I did?"

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