by Ron Clarkson

The Map to Real Life
Ron Clarkson
August 6, 1989

WELCOME: Last week we talked about long term investments bringing a high yield - investing our life for the Father. As we continue our series - Living As If God Matters- we are going to look at a different component for each of the next several weeks that might help us in our sincere effort to REALLY live life, as if God really did matter. Let's pray to our Father before we look at the map to real life.

PRAYER: Father, we come here this morning for a myriad of reasons. Some of us because we have been asked by a friend or relative, others because we have had this sense, had this feeling that for some reason or another we just wanted to check out church again. Maybe we are at a point in our life where we are seeking something a little more solid, a little more substantial in our life than just the weekly grind we live in. Others this morning are hurting, Father, and have come here to get a breath of fresh air, to be revived, to be sustained by your life and your love. Father, others of us come here each week, just to grow closer to you and grow to understand you more and how that effects our life. Father, I pray that when all of us leave here this morning, we will be positively and significantly touched by your life and your love, that when we walk out of here we can say that we have had an encounter with the living God. Amen.


That symbolizes our lives, at times, that are really moving thru life, but we aren't really sure which direction we are going. We are looking for something to get us back on track, we are looking for that stabilizing force in our lives that helps us arrive at the terminal of purpose and meaning, that might help us get back on the right road . . . if we only had the proper lines of communication.

One of those "lines" of communication is what I believe to be the basis of authority and direction for our lives, and that is God's Word, the Bible. God, as our creator, w- ...

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