by Ron Clarkson

The Power of Encouragement
Ron Clarkson
July 2, 1989

WELCOME: Welcome this morning as we conclude our series "The Power of Encouragement." Last week we took a look at the "Portrait of an Encourager." If you would like that tape, fill out the perforated card with that request and we can either mail it to you or you can pick it up next week at the information table. This morning we will explore "Practicing Encouragement." Let's go to the Father together, asking him to show us how we can become better encouragers.

PRAYER: Father, each person here this morning has in this past week needed encouragement. Some of us may have received that encouragement, Father, but for others, no one seized the opportunity to share a word, a note or a prayer with us that may have provided for us just what we needed. Father, would you sensitize our hearts this morning. Make us aware of the people that we come in contact with, whether it is our wife, husband, children, relatives, neighbors, work associates, maybe even somebody that we have difficulty getting along with, make us aware of those people and how we might offer encouragement to them this week. Father, we have needs, but I pray this morning that we will look beyond ourselves to others. I pray that we will really search our hearts this morning to see how you can use us, how we can be the glove and you be the hand this week to reach out and really touch a life. In Christ's name we pray, amen. JOKE: Mr. Kramer had been in the hospital for quite a while. One night at the nurses station the phone rang. "how's Mr. Kramer?" the caller asked. "He's doing very well," the nurse replied. "As a matter of fact, he's being discharged tomorrow. Who shall I say inquired?" This is Mr. Kramer, the doctors around here never tell me a thing.

Sometimes, as much as we would like to be encouragers, as much as we would like to really help people and reach out to them, for some reason we just can't or we just don't. Instead of practicing encou ...

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