by Ron Clarkson

Father, Forgive Them: Good Friday Service
Ron Clarkson
John 3:16

PRAYER: Father, as we come to another Easter season, another Good Friday. The year is going by so fast. It is so easy to get lost in our daily rat race, it is hard to believe i of this year is gone. The days, weeks and years begin to go by so quickly. I pray you will teach us to number our days, that we would understand that you are the giver and taker of life. I pray that we would begin to slow down and think about begin to think about you, how much you love us, each and every one of us. Father you want us to think about you, to hear about you and respond to your love . . . but we are too busy, we get too wrapped up in our day to day lives and we forget about you. If anything happens from tonight's service, Father, I pray most of all we will see you. I pray that tonight we will focus on the suffering and death that Jesus Christ experienced for us.

I pray when we leave here quietly tonight that we will know that we have been in your presence, that is why we have come tonight, to be in your presence as we remember the day that Jesus Christ gave his life for us. In His name we pray.


Of all the services we have here at OCC, or any church services I have been involved in, this service, the Good Friday Service, is probably the one that has the greatest impact on my life. Though this is not representative of what our typical Sunday morn-in-g is like, this particular service is special. It is special because it is so singular in its focus. This service will focus on our Lord Jesus Christ and those events that led up to his pain and anguish and suffering on the cross . . . for me, Ron Clarkson.

Martin Luther said that if you want to really understand the Christian message, then you first must start with the wounds of Christ. To understand those wounds, we take our minds back to the Garden, the Garden of Gethsemane.

Jesus had just finished the Passover meal with his ...

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