by Ron Clarkson

Looking for Mr. Right or Ms. Perfect
Ron Clarkson
February 12, 1989

WELCOME: This morning we are concluding our single series talking about looking for Mr. Right/Ms. Perfect. Join me in prayer as we head into this morning seeking God's wisdom and God's direction for choosing a marriage partner.


JOKE: I was told years ago that success in marriage is not so much in finding the one right person, but avoiding the ninety-nine wrong ones.

Though that may be humorous to some, the more we realize how true it is, the more we ought to heed its message. There are probably a great many people sitting here this morning, products of a broken marriage and along with that a broken heart, who will say, yes, if I had only known this, or only opened my eyes to that BEFORE we got married, then I would be spared the heart wrenching pain that I have gone thru or I am going thru.

The last thing I want to be this morning is strictly "theoretical". You are saying, "enough talk, we want some action, we want dates, we want mates!" O.K., you asked for it, how about this:

READ: Chicago Tribune "Only Hearts" section.

If you were not here last week I would encourage you to get the tape because we stated the basic foundational principle for SINGLENESS, and that is that a person who is single is a WHOLE person, they are a complete person. And further marrying someone will not make you whole or complete. You need to be whole as an individual before you can ever think about marriage.

In my 30 years of being single, I got really tired of other people expecting me to be married. I got tired also of the griping and complaining of singles who thought they would be happy. If they just found the right person, and what upset me even more was the amount of time single men spent in trying to look for and snag that perfect catch, or the amount of hours single women sat around and wondered "if only". Such a tremendous waste of time and energy. You have so much that you can do ...

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