by Ron Clarkson

Getting a Grip on 92
The Kind of Church That God Uses
Ron Clarkson
January 19, 1992

Joke: Read "Tater's in the church"

What kind of church does God really want to use? What are the elements of a church that really puts a smile on God's face? What kind of ministry pleases God? When I will speak occasionally at a seminar or to a group of church leaders, there is a recurring question: "How do you motivate these people at OCC to do so much?" They set up this rented facility every single week, they obviously rehearse music for hours. The drama has to put in hours of practice, staffing the Sunday School, all these visible services - how do you motivate them?

I usually respond by saying, you can get people to do anything if ... you pay them enough or hold their children hostage. No, the ministry - and that's what everyone at OCC is involved in, not just the staff or elders, the ministry is too unprofitable to be motivated by money. None of the actors or musicians or Sunday School teachers or nursery care get paid a penny. The ministry is to demanding to be motivated by pleasure. These people sacrifice prime-hours of their precious little free time to serve you.

There is only one lasting motivation for ministry, and that motivation is to please the Father, to please Jesus Christ. It is not out of obligation or attention that we serve, but it is out of a deep heart of gratitude - thankful for what God has done for us - that we give our life to serve.

Transition: But there is a catch here. Not all "ministry" is pleasing to God. Just because we are serving the Lord does not automatically mean that it is "pleasing to God." What kind of service, then, what kind of ministry please God?

Hebrews 11:6

That applies to my ministry, to your ministry, to our church. If I'm not serving in faith, then I'm not pleasing God. If I'm not trusting God that he is going to help me with my message each week and that He is going to use my message, then it is nothing more t ...

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