by Ron Clarkson

The Kind of Person God Uses
Getting a Grip in '92
Ron Clarkson
January 12, 1992

What kind of person does God use? What kind of church does God use? Those are the two questions we will deal with this morning and next week. There is one common denominator you will find in any growing church, in any exciting church, in a church that is going somewhere, and that common denominator is this - it has people who are not afraid to believe God. People who are not afraid to believe God. People who have faith. The faith factor!

What kind of faith do you have? What do you mean by faith? What does faith look like? What role does it play in my life? How much "faith" does a person have to have? Faith is sometimes a nebulous concept and tough to really get a handle on when it comes to day to day living. What does faith look like in the life of the person that God wants to use?

4 Ways Faith is Demonstrated in your Life:
1. God uses the person who HAS A DREAM.
God uses a person who has a dream, who has a vision in life. I talked last week about the importance of being a "visionary" type of person. God wants to use people who are visionary. Nothing in life starts happening until someone starts dreaming. If you don't have a vision or a goal in life, then you have a goal by default. That goal is to do nothing - "if you aim at nothing you will be sure to hit it."

You know, I've been pastoring here at OCC for over three years and in those three years I've made a lot of mistakes. I'm no different than anybody else. I have weaknesses in my life. But I surround myself with a dynamite staff and great elders who compensate for my weaknesses. You see, they can cover me. But there is one thing I can't ask them to do, and that is to believe God for me. You can not ask anyone else to believe God for you.

One thing I want to challenge you with this morning is to dream great dreams for God. Think of what God might do through you:

Read Eph. 3:20

This has to be one of ...

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