by Ron Clarkson

Growing a Family
A Growing Guide for the Family
Ron Clarkson
April 2, 1989

WELCOME: Thank you for sharing your Sunday with us here at OCC. This morning we begin our Family Series entitled "Growing A Family". My hope is that each week as we explore a different area in the family life that you will discover some helpful and practical insights into the ever complicated world of raising a family. Let's pray together, asking the Father to teach us this morning.

PRAYER: Father, I thank you for each of these people that have given up their Sunday morning to come out this morning. I pray that it will be worth their while and that will learn this morning how you can help them be a better mother, father, husband or wife. No matter where we are in our family life, whether we haven't even started or maybe our nest is emptying out, I pray you will give each person here this morning something to take home with them. Above all else, I pray that when each of us leave here this morning, we will have been impacted in some way, simply because we have been here to worship you, to learn from you, and to have a personal encounter with you. In Christ's name, amen.

OPENING JOKE: There was a man who ran into a drug store and asked the pharmacist if he had something to cure the hiccups. The pharmacist quickly filled a glass of water and threw it in the man's face. Needless to say the man was startled and somewhat upset. He said, "what did you do that for?" The pharmacist replied, "Well, you don't have the hiccups do you?" "No, but my wife, who is out in the car still does."

We live in a microwave culture, where instantly, with the flick of a switch, we want results or we want a cure. And we run here and there trying to find one remedy or another, one magical formula or another. Over the next 6 weeks I'm not going to give you any magical formulas that are going to turn you into the "Bionic Parent." I just want to share with you some insights and some principals that might help ...

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