by Ron Clarkson

There is a species moving towards extinction today. That species is the Yuppie. The Young, Urban professional. Time magazine claims the yuppies are returning to traditional values, USA Today said that yuppies are passed, but there are other groups on the rise:

Refer to USA Today quote

Regardless of how we classify it, what we call it or how we state the problem, the theme is the same. Now can I really find fulfillment in life? We seek the answer to that question thru a series of "if only's."

If only: bigger house, transfer, another degree, find the right guy, gal, promotion, win the lotto, few more breaks And the myth goes on and on and on - the myth that men or women can satisfy themselves, that they can find fulfillment in and of themselves. And the capitalsistic society we live in thrives to a great degree on this myth. "Who says you can't have it all? You only go around once, it doesn't get any better than this, I love what you do to me.

People have tried to satisfy themselves and attempted to fulfill their own lives, and people have failed. The infamous Dale Carnegie knew the techniques for positive thinking and self confidence. He could even teach people to overcome worry with those techniques but in the end peace and fulfillment eluded him - he committed suicide.

And you've heard of the horror stories of the Marilyn Monroes, the Vanderbilt's, the Jimmy Hendricks - all of those seeking to find fulfillment and satisfaction on their own, but their path to discover fortune, pleasure or status led to a path of self destruction.

People try to fulfill themselves and they fail. This has been the case throughout history and it's a truth that God has been telling the creation he loves for so many years. On the authority of God's word we know that no one can experience ultimate fulfillment or satisfaction apart from God's miraculous intervention in their life.

About 3,000 years ago there was a young man who had reached the epitome of Yuppidom. He h ...

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