by Ron Clarkson

Who's Who? David: Heartbreak or Heartthrob?
Ron Clarkson
Psalm 24:3-5

Welcome: Encourage Share the Gift/ Christmas Eve. This morning we will wrap up our series on Who's Who in the Bible. My intentions: Expose characters to encourage search of Scripture/ Encourage in day to day lives. Ordinary people used in extraordinary ways.

Prayer: Father, I thank you for the opportunity we have to come here this morning and investigate you and your claims. I pray that our time this morning will have been well spent and when we leave here, we will not have just been to church, but we will walk out of here with a clearer understanding of who you are. I pray we will go home with a greater appreciation of your love and your forgiveness. And may we be able to affirm that we have had an encounter with the living, loving God. In Christ's name, amen.

Opener: One of the occupational hazards of being in the pastorate is that you never get home until about half time if the Bears are playing at noon. It was really bad in California because of the two hour time difference, the games started at 10 a.m. instead of noon. That's why on the 8th day God created VCR's - so we could catch all of the Sunday games.

Well, if you forget to set your VCR timer or if you just plain can't watch the game, you can always catch the highlights of the game. These highlight shows are on almost every channel. There is another type of highlight show that is popular with sports enthusiasts, and that is the blooper shows. The bloopers are all the outrageous, funny, bizarre plays or mistakes that players make in real life competition.

This morning I am going to look at some of the "highlights" of the life of David. But along with some of the highlights we are going to see some bloopers in the life of David. And, like with most bloopers, they can be extremely embarrassing for the one involved, and they are not always very humorous.

But in spite of the bloopers God used David in a magnificent wa ...

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