by Ron Clarkson

Who's Who
You're Gonna Build a What?
Ron Clarkson
December 2, 1990

Intro Series: This past summer I asked about 15 various individuals if they would assist me in an important project. I asked them to talk to their friends, their neighbors, relatives and come up with a list of sermon series and subjects that people would really like to hear teaching on. When this group came together, we pooled the responses and tried to determine the series for this next year.

One of the top requests/concerns that was revealed was the desire people had to discover the Bible and a very personal level. They wanted to explode the myths and mystique that had prevented them from discovering God's word in a personal way.

We will take the next three weeks to look at some of the Who's Who of the Bible and see how God used some ordinary individuals in some extraordinary ways. I would challenge you to take time during the week to read about these individuals and in doing so you can further expose yourself to the Word of God. When we begin to understand God's word in a clearer light, then we will have a more accurate exposure to God and who he is. Life Magazine: Who is God? Prayer: Father, I pray for each one of us here this morning. We are tracking with you at different speeds and on different levels. Some of us are moving at high speeds and are excited each and every day to discoverer what you have in store for us. Others are in a process Father, a process of checking you out, checking out your word and your ways. This morning Father, help each of us to move down the road in our spiritual journey. May we look at your servant Noah and pick up some valuable insights for our life in 1990. In Christ's name we pray, amen.

"I'm not really sure God is out there, and if he is, I'm not sure he is really paying attention.1 "Why in the world would a God who is supposed to be sovereign, loving and caring put me behind the eight ball like this." "Your trying to tell me that I am expecte ...

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