by Ron Clarkson

Of Course I'm a Christian!
The Facts
Ron Clarkson

Intro: We have just completed a series on self esteem this past week and each week I related to you how important I felt the subject is for our daily lives. We have handled many different subjects, problems and issues over the past two years here at Oakdale, but none of them will be as important as this morning's message. If I had gone to the doctor this past week and he told me that I wouldn't live but for 2 more weeks, this message this morning and next week's message would be the message I would want to share with you. It is the bottom line of what we are about here at Oakdale. There is no message that I feel more moved about in my spirit, no message that I am more motivated about, no message that will impact your life. This message has gripped my life and it excites me to be able to share it with you. It is the life changing, eternal yet ever fresh and new message of God's grace display not only throughout all of history, but particularly in the person of Jesus. When Jesus was teaching on this earth, he tried to make clear the message of God's love and grace. It seemed at every turn, though, Jesus was running into a group of "religious types" who criticized him. In doing so they were attempting to lay a smoke screen in front of the people, yet the words of Jesus cut thru the smoke screen to reveal the powerful truth he had come to reveal.

On one such occasion Jesus gave 3 rapid fire parables that would grip the heart of the listeners. Jesus said, "Suppose, you have 100 sheep and you loose one. Isn't it obvious that you should leave the 99 sheep and go out and do what ever you can to find the one that was lost? And when you find that one lost sheep you call your friends together and you throw a party and say, "hey, lets celebrate! I've found the one lost sheep." Jesus explains that this is exactly what happens in heaven, a fantastic celebration, every time one person on earth who is lost in t ...

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