by Ron Clarkson

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Health Care Plan- for '95
Series: Vision Exam - Better Than 20/20
Ron Clarkson
January 22, 1995

Illus.: of Clouded Vision

These are illustrations of clouded vision, the inability to see what could be. Helen Keller said: Worse than being blind would be to be able to see, but not have vision. This morning I want to talk about vision - which is a missing component in people's personal lives, in their family lives, in their professional lives, and it is missing in many churches today. Yet, it is an essential if we are to live and enjoy the kind of life God has in mind for us in 1995.

Illus.: Simple and familiar illustration of vision. Two prisoners were in a prison cell as turned their attention towards the one small window. One saw the bars, the other saw the stars.

One sees the obvious - the metallic reminders of the reality of the problem. He sees the obvious and gets discouraged and then feelings of bitterness and rage begin to well up inside. One sees the bars - the other sees the stars. The other one sees the possibilities beyond the obvious and hope wells up inside. The possibilities of getting a second chance, a fresh start. Really, it's all a matter of what you look at, isn't it? I think this world is lacking people who are visionaries. There are a lot of people seeing bars these days. People unwilling to explore possibilities outside their circumstances. People willing to preserve the status quo in their family, marriage, spiritually or emotionally.

Some of us might say, "hey, I'm not a visionary." I'm not one of those dreamers or great risk taking kind of people. I'm more calculated. Leave the visionary stuff for someone else! It's just not ... me. I think God would disagree with you. Yes, of course there are those who are wired up in a special way to be extraordinary visionaries, but I think God would say that vision is a character trait that can be stimulated and developed in your life. And when you work hard on incorporating it and de ...

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