by Ron Clarkson

Pedometer: .. . To Boldly Go
Health Care Plan for '95
Ron Clarkson
January 15, 1995

Opening illustration: (Attending the Nuggets game.) At half time they brought two people to half court, blindfolded them and spun them around. Then the contestants had to listen to the verbal commands of others, find the basket and make a shot. They received $$ for each basket they made. Well it was hilarious to watch these people trying to find there way around the court trying to make a basket. One guy was shooting it into the audience and the crowd would roar and he thought he was doing just great. Never once did either of the contestants accomplish the task, not once did they make a goal. And I have a feeling some of us kind of lived 1994 like that. We were moving, spinning, taking plenty of shots, but we lacked the orientation to really make our goal. We failed to see our plans come to fruition in this past year and now 95 is here and we're starting to put on the blindfold, we are getting spun in circles and heading into another season hoping, but not really confident that we are going to make our goal this year.

Can you really believe its 1995? Many of us remember 1975 as if it were yesterday, Almost all of us in here remember 1985, and now we shake our heads and say, "You've gotta' be kidding. Is it 1995 already. Where in the world did 1994 go? And that's really a good question for all of us to ask - Where did our 1994 go? Do we know? Did we accomplish what we wanted to accomplish? Was there a definite direction - a definite map that led you to your desired destiny? Did we reach our intended destiny? And if we did, did we find that destination as attractive and fulfilling as we had dreamed or anticipated?

We want to talk this morning about what we are planning to do with our life for this next year. How can we "boldly go" into 1995? In order to "Boldly Go" into 1995 we need to ask ourselves 3 questions: Where am I now? Where do I want to go? How will I get ther ...

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