by Ron Clarkson

EKG: Motives That Matter
Health Care Plan for '95
Ron Clarkson
January 8, 1995

Illus.: Ridiculous new years resolutions:
What new year's resolutions have you made for the coming year? My problem is when I
loose weight, I just look behind me and I find it. Or when I exercise - I've made a commitment to exercise and the only results I'm getting from exercise are aches and pains. Maybe you want to free up some time in your busy schedule, here's a guy who wants to help you:

Illus.: Drive through funeral home: Busyness "In-other Words and Aug./Sept- 91
I really have to wonder about the motives of people who would use this kind of service. If this guys business is successful, then we there is something wrong with us inside. But, then again, that is what this message this morning is about. Trying to understand what's going on inside of us. What's going on in our heart?

Our heart can really play tricks on us can't it? I'm not referring to the organ inside our chest cavity that's responsible for the circulation of our blood. I'm talking about the inner being, the emotional and moral functions of our person. And that heart can play tricks on us. It can be quite fickle at times, can't it?

Jeremiah 17:9
I'll bet that each one of us here can remember a time when we have had a warm heart towards someone, and I'll bet our wife can remind us of when our heart has turned cold as ice. We talk about someone who has a soft heart, yet on any given day, anyone here could probably display actions that would characterize us as being cd hearted. Our heart has the ability to blind our rational thought processes for instance . .. in love . they say love is blind but marriage is an eye opener. . Or in hate. The human heart has a fearful capacity that allows us to rationalize so pretty ugly stuff - if we are honest enough to admit it. Our hearts have the ability to deceive us into believing things we normally recognize as ridiculous error. Our hearts can truly play tricks on ...

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