by John McKain

Considering Post-Tribulation vs. Pre-Tribulation
John McKain

( The following is based on a number of scholarly works: Worthy Is the Lamb, by Ray Summers; The Book of Revelation, NIC by Robert Mounce; The Bible and the Future; by Anthony Hoekema; Has Christ's Return Two Stages?, by Norman Douty; The Approaching Advent of Christ, by Alexander Reese; The Revelation of St. John, TYN by Leon Morris; Things to Come, by J. Dwight Pentecost; Revelation: Three Viewpoints, by Beasley-Murray, Hobbs, Robbins; The Blessed Hope by George Ladd; and numerous articles and lectures from various resources developed by the author.)

There has existed in this century a raging debate over whether the church will ultimately experience the seven years of great tribulation. The author of this treatise has a scholarly bias towards the position that the church will remain on the earth during the tribulation, but will be protected and/or strengthened (Rv. 6:9-10, 7:13-14, 9:4, 13:7-10, 14:1-5, 12). Whether one view or the other is correct is immaterial. The message of Revelation is not about a rapture, it is not about dispensationalism, it is not about premillinealism - - it is about the ultimate victory of Jesus Christ over sin and Satan enabling the establishment of a new universal order where those who belong to Christ will reign with him forever.

Nevertheless, the author has a deep concern about the propagation of a pretrib-rapture viewpoint. If the position is incorrect, has the church been setup for a great disappointment? If the church is not raptured before the "great tribulation," could this result in the prophesied "great apostasy"(II Ths. 2:3)? Simply put, Christians should develop and possess a "sustaining" faith, enabled only by the Holy Spirit, lest during anytime of tribulation, they turn from God. One way to insure having a faith that does not fail in times of tribulation is to expect the worst and hope for the best, i.e., live as though one may go through tri ...

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