by John McKain

Tearing Down the Jericho Walls
John McKain
Joshua 5-6

Do you face a Jericho wall that needs to come down? In Joshua 5 and 6 we find the account of the nomadic Israelites first battle as they seek to conquer the Promised Land. The first challenge was the well fortified, guardian fortress city of Jericho. Probably the oldest uninhabited site in the world, this oasis city was the key defensive city to the lower Jordan valley. For the Israelites to succeed in their military conquests, the walls of Jericho had to fall.

Could it be that the fall of Jericho was more than just a military battle in antiquity? I think so. The divine intervention and victory at Jericho carries a message about life. Any time God does something in the Bible, there is a bigger lesson to be learned. The bigger lesson here is in the "wall."

Perhaps all of us here today have Jericho walls which need to come down.

Wall of Pride - people inside wall proud of their defense. But also, of the people marching around the city.
Wall of self-centeredness
Wall of fear
Wall of loneliness
Wall of bitterness, hatred, retaliation

We have in this story the process by which our Jericho walls are torn down.

I. The first is Spiritual preparation.

There were three things involved in the spiritual preparation of God's people before the walls of Jericho would fall.

A. Receive the mark of membership in the community of faith. (5:1-9)

The people of the Exodus had become rebellious and neglectful. They did not listen to the voice of the Lord. They had not properly instructed their offspring in the ways of God. As a result, they had been punished by not being allowed to s ...

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