by John McKain

Innocent of Blood?
John McKain
Acts 20:17-31

Ephesians 4:11-16 says:


This is one of the hallmark passages, golden rule, practical concepts of the new Testament. It is a timeless truth that instructs us as to our passage this morning. It delineates for us how we are to interact with one another. It guides us in how we are to are to mature in the faith. It tells of the responsibility of the pastor and the people. And it points us to Christ, the true and only head of the church. It tells how we are to be unified in the body, each of us doing our work. It takes us all us to maintain a church . . . . (HOW)And will take all of us to reach the unchurched in our county for Christ. It will take all of us to evangelize the lost. No other time in this church's history have we seen more people come to Christ. It is true, many of those saved and/or baptized in our church have moved, or never intended to come here. And a few have dropped by the wayside, they are there, but have not developed the habit of coming to church. But folks, we have not even begun to tip the tide of people in our area who need to be reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But how will we get it done? Perhaps the answer lies in the exemplary life of Paul in Acts Chapter 20. READ

There are four keys that I hope God will show us this morning; four keys to reaching the lost in our area.

I. The integrity of our service. V. 19-20
(Tell the story of where Paul is at this point)
One of the keys to integrity in our service is that the men ought to be the spiritual leaders in the church. He did not call the children, the youth, the women, but the men - the elders in the church.

He called them not to just ...

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