by John McKain

Giving Up on the Church
John McKain
I Timothy 4:1-8

Why is it that some people give up on the church? I am talking about the individual who is active, involved, and seems an integral part of the church and then suddenly, because of something, drops out. Something disappoints them.

We would be the first to say that the church isn't perfect. You have heard the comment, "If you think you have found the perfect church, don't mess up a good thing by joining." We all have our own problems, our own hangups. We are all part of fallen humanity. We all have our own peculiarities. Together, we most certainly do not make up a perfect church. Have you ever heard of the "Tator" family?

Husband - Dick - self appointed leader, nothing happens without his approval first. Wife - Ema - never has a thought of her own, just follows the crowd. Children - Hesi - never feels qualified, hesitates before doing anything and therefore misses the best opportunities do anything. Comen - has something to say about everything that goes on in the church. Spec - never willing to do anything, just sits there. Adji - always complaining about something. Sweet - the only one who is cooperative and helpful.

Do you know some folks like the Tator family? The church is not perfect, all are different, and all have their own problems and quirks in personality. But I am convinced that people are not the real reason that people drop out of church. And yes, the church may seem to be filled with hypocrites, but I am convinced that people drop out of church for deep, spiritual reasons. You see, Hypocrite comes from a Greek word that was used in the Greek theater to describe one who put on a mask -- acted. Hypocrite today means: "A person is not the real deal, he or she is acting like a Christian, but living an empty meaningless life." Jesus said, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, no man comes to the Father except by me."

Why do some people just seem to drop in and out of the church, and ...

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