by John McKain

Happiness Is a Taste of the Future
John McKain
Job 19:25-27

"Well, preacher, if life is unfair, and God does sometimes seem silent, and God sometimes does seem hidden, how am I ever going to be happy?" That's a good question. In chapter 42 of Job, we get a meticulous accounting of Job's restored fortunes: 14,000 sheep, 6000 camels, 1000 donkeys, and 10 new children. Now, we might ask, "Did restored fortunes ever erase Job's sorrows over his previous losses?" Did they erase the anguish?

Listen to what Job responded after the majestic whirlwind speech from God:

(Job 42:3, 5-6)

God's non-answer satisfied Job completely. Now some would say that Job was satisfied because God restored his fortunes. Bu notice, Job says these words while he is still sitting in a pile of rubble, naked, covered with sores, and it was in those circumstances that he learned to praise God. That leads us to our first principle of dealing with God's disappointments,

I. Praise God for the things you can praise him for.

II. Catch a glimpse of the unseen world.(19:25-27)

III. Develop a faith dependent on obedience instead of miracles.

Perhaps we too often wa ...

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