by John McKain

Questions about Burdens
John McKain
Galatians 6:1-5

A son has just put his father in a nursing home. He wonders if it was the best thing to do.

A daughter has recently taken her mother into her home. She wonders now if she will have enough time for her mother and her own family.

These words were echoing in the woman's head as she left the doctor's office: "I'm sorry but its cancer."

A college student is lying in a hospital room. The previous night he had been thrown from an automobile, and his spine had been severed. He is paralyzed from the neck down.

A family has a fourteen-year-old daughter, but her mind has never developed. She has remained an infant all these years. Her parents have cared for her like a baby through these years and have received very little response from her.

A 55yr. old man is called in by his boss: "I'm sorry, but you are being replaced soon. Pick up your severance pay at the end of the month."

Burdens of all kinds weigh heavily upon us. Some of you may have physical burdens. Your eyesight is failing, or your hearing is not as good as it once was. Others suffer from the deterioration of various bodily functions. Financial, personal, or family burdens weigh upon others. Most people carry burdens of one kind or another. Is there any word from the scriptures about a God who cares? Is there any direction of hope?

In his letter to the Galatian church, Paul stated that each one is to bear his own burdens and that we are to bear one another's burdens.

(Read) The psalmist declared that we are to cast our burdens on the Lord. "Now wait just a minute," we say. "That all sounds contradictory!"

But consider for moment that these three phrases may be seen as the three sides of a triangle, and they may enable us to discover a different dimension of truth regarding our burdens.

I. The first side of the triangle is bear others burdens.(v.2)

Paul said, . . . . That is not a popular idea, is it? We would much rather t ...

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