by John McKain

Blind Ambition
John McKain
Mark 10:35-45

Agrippina was the mother of Emperor Nero, fathered by her first husband. Her third marriage was to Emperor Claudius, whom she later poisoned. Agrippina was consumed by her ambition to place nero on the imperial throne. She consulted soothsayers, who told her, "Nero will reign, but he will kill his mother."

"Let him kill me, then," said Agrippina. As you know Nero fulfilled his mother's wish. I call it blind ambition. Ambition is blind when our desires to get ahead, to climb the ladder, to achieve, or to move upward or forward, clouds our sense of right, muddles our sense of morality, and covers our vision of spiritual goals, purposes, and behavior.

In Mk. 10:35-45, we find an episode in the life of the disciples where blind ambition has clouded and covered their vision of what Jesus, the Son of God, had come to this earth to do.

(READ) Jesus had predicted his passion, his suffering at least three times. Apparently James and John come to Jesus shortly before the week of passion.

The intensity, the talk of Jesus, the moving of e ...

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