by John McKain

God's Uncommon People
John McKain
Acts 4:31-33

In G. Edward Orr's book "The Flaming Tongue," he discusses the Great Welsh Revival which, in five months time saw 100,000 people baptized into the churches of Wales. In Orr's estimation that glorious wildfire revival was sparked in a little church in Cardigan on the coast of Nieky. He explains it began in a testimonial meeting among young people after church one Sunday night. Joseph Jenkins, the pastor of this small church, asked the young people a question.

"What does Jesus Christ mean to you?" There was an embarrassing silence. Finally, a boy stood and said, "Jesus is the hope of the world."

"Thank you but that is not what I'm asking. I do not want you tell me who Jesus is, but what does Jesus mean to you personally?"

Another, uncomfortable, embarrassing period of silence ensued.

Finally a thirteen year old girl by the name of Flory Evans stood, somewhat teary eyed, and said, "I've only been saved three months, but I want you to know, I love the Lord Jesus with all of my heart. He saved me from hell, and He is with me everyday."

After that, other young people began to share what their personal encounter with Jesus was like. In Orr's estimation that was the beginning of the revival that swept all of Wales. You see, one thirteen year old girl dared to be different, dared to be uncommon, out from among her teenage peers. I submit to you that there are boomers, busters, and boomerangers out there waiting for some Christian to be uncommon. There are innumerable numbers of what is now called Generation X out who are waiting for some Christian, some church, to be uncommon.

Many call today's generation, Generation X because they have no hope. Generation X who will kill for a $200 pair of tennis shoes to put on nickel and dime feet. Generation X that puts colored contacts on eyes that can't read. Generation X that puts $100 hairdo's on ten cent brains. Generation X that is so materialist ...

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