by John McKain

Questions about Suicide
John McKain
1 Samuel 31:1-6; Matthew 7:1-5

Even on the calm beautiful days of Spring, voices and faces still return to my mind. Mark came to a screeching stop on the country road in front of our house. ''Mr. - just shot himself. You need to get over there quickly!'' It came as such a shock to every one. Who would have of thought he would have done it?

Gina was a different story. You remember me telling you about her-the call we received one Sunday morning. The voice on the other end saying, ''Gina committed suicide last night out on Interstate 35 toward Denton.'' Immediately the words which I had spoken to her father leaped into mind, ''Gary, you need to begin preparing yourself for the unexpected. When young people begin to mess with drugs and alcohol, anything can happen. With the cycle of depression she has been in, you may get a call one night telling you your daughter is dead.''

Tonight we want to answer some questions about suicide. First, we will consider suicide from the standpoint of reasons, its myths, and its indications, then we will consider ways we can help prevent suicide.

Suicide is a major problem in our country. Approximately forty thousand people commit suicide each year in the U.S. Over a million people in the U.S. attempt suicide annually. Among people over 65, suicide is a leading cause of death. Among college and high school students, it is the 2nd leading cause of death. Suicide is one of the top ten causes of death in our country. In spite of this, many people want to avoid talking about or dealing with suicide. The church, of all places, should attempt to address this issue and offer guidance and help to people.

I. Reasons

The motives are many, but I will list just a few. One reason may be simply a cry for attention. Not everyone who commits suicide meant to end his life. Sometimes it is an attempt to get attention: ''Hey, you wouldn't pay any attention to me before, so now maybe, by this act I ...

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