by John McKain

Healing for the Land
John McKain
II Kings 2:19-22

Elisha was the successor to Elijah. Elijah was a mighty man of God, but a time came when Elijah's time ran out. This ought to remind us that there will come a time when our time will run out. Regardless of how much money you have, what kind of car you drive, where you live, how full your closet of clothes is, your time is going to run out. Regardless of how smart you are, what your standing in the church is, what your standing in society is, what men may think of you, your time is running out. You were not born into this world to live forever, your time is running out. Every time we look into the mirror we ought not be deceived to the fact that our time is running out.

Now maybe there are those among us who might not admit that you are not what you used to be, but it does not matter, your time is running out. Time paints black hair white. Time causes your shoulders to bend beneath the weight of years. Time has deafened your ears. Time has stolen your vision. Time has slowed you down. Your get up and go has got up and gone. Time has erased many marvelous memories. Because of time, you just aren't what you used to be; your time is running out.

There is a song that affirms what the Bible teaches. Of all the things you do on this earth, the only things that will ultimately matter is what you do for Christ. I hope your time is not running out.

A second matter comes to mind. God always has a remnant. God always has somebody to take your place. Even though Elijah was a faithful mighty man for God, God had saved and kept an Elisha to take his place. Behind Moses, God had a Joshua. Behind a fiery impulsive Peter, God had a Paul. God always has somebody to take our place.

Some live as though the world rotates around them. Some men treat their wives like, "If you don't have me, you can't make it." Some people treat the church as though "Unless I show up today, the church would ...

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