by John McKain

Counting Spiritual Calories
John McKain
1 Peter 2:1-10

(Talk about personal diet)

Dietary laws have always been important to people. In the O.T. much was said about what people should and should not eat. Moses discussed many foods that should be consumed by the people of Israel. These foods were considered unclean and were thought detrimental to one's physical health. With no refrigeration, people had to be very careful about what they ate.

Today, the health food industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. Our own area is replete with fitness gurus and a variety of approaches to complete wellness. A top hospital administrator at a major hospital in Chicago said on Good Morning America, "We offer personal healers in the surgery room of a patient because the consumers want it. If that is what they want to spend money on, we will give them the opportunity."

Denise and I are fad dieters. In the coming weeks we will be using selected methods of controlled weight loss, and in the process we will develop our own Christ centered program. But at the heart of our program will be this truth: Real, persistent, life long weight reduction requires behavioral modification. As one of my physicians said, "The best exercise you can do for weight loss is 'place both hands on the table and push back.'" My daughter told her grandfather, "I think my father is fasting." Granddad responded, "He sure is; he's eating as fast as he can."

An essential part of lifelong weight loss has a spiritual dimension. If I am to modify my behavior, then I will need to spiritually in tune with God, and obedient to His word. In 1 Pt. 2:1- 10, the apostle is talking about changing our "spiritual diet." Now I am not going to preach about weight loss, or about physical fitness. I want to talk to about spiritual fitness; about counting your spiritual calories. (READ)

Commercials invite us to look young and to be healthy by eating certain foods an ...

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